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We still mourn the passing of Roscoe.  There is no one in our circle who hasn’t experienced the pain.  Empathy abounds.  Roscoe marks our 10th loss.  One would think we would become inured but each is as difficult as any.

Today’s Virginian-Pilot had a headline, above the fold, stating that "Youngkin (not even Governor Youngkin)  criticized for use of ‘creator’ “  Turns out that in a state-mandated diversity training video, a reference was made to a “loving almighty creator”.  Once again the massive irrationality of the left wing mind set leaves me gasping for breath.  BTW the  so called criticism came from three state employees, who spoke to the V_P on condition of anonymity.  These are the very people who   charge children as sex offenders because they used improper pronouns

You may recall that p* has made many, many promises he promptly reneged. This particular one sticks in my mind:


And in keeping this promise he and his democrats in waiting researched for months to come up with the term Ultra-MAGA to label those whose common sense precludes accepting the democrat irrational rage.  And as to line two, my hero, Ramirez, says it best:

And line three…

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