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There is a reason why I sit here, unemployed, pecking at my keyboard instead of contributing to society.  I have no political skills what so ever.  Spin, smoke and mirrors and the self serving lie, the essential tools of the ruling class make me dizzy and lead to an eruptive digestive system. But not so among those who take positions of power.  Case in point, a president of the United States decrying the mass protest in Washington:

 "We’ve witnessed images we’ve never imagined," Biden said. "A violent assault of the U.S. Capitol, democracy, and a violent threat that took lives.

Perhaps it was the fact that he hid in his basement last year and didn’t see the the burning, looting and destruction of Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland and other cities.  Apparently he missed the murder and rape that took place in the “autonomous zones”.  But you and I and anyone with a brain knows this is the stuff that makes politicians able to leap tall buildings.. They get very rich and powerful just because they can say crap like that without conscience or care.  In the mean time, feeble protests from the proletariat, crying wait, wait ... that isn’t true.. waddabout… just blow in the wind.  

I note  that the democrats pushed through the massive fraud that pretends to be wuhan relief.  joe manchin was not available for comment…

This cartoon only partially makes my point but it is the best I can do:


  © Robert Graham