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From this mess is slow.  I’m sure Mike can relate since he had the same thing over the New Year. In any case, still hacking and coughing but my energy level is slowly approaching normal... what ever that is.  I was warned off alcohol during the steroid use so the application of a well barreled Balvanie 12 to my wounds has not been effected.  

I was remiss in not observing D-Day yesterday.  I was in the majority.  Only a few of the sites I visit regularly found the anniversary worthy of comment.  Instead, we find controversy over whether or not PDT is still beating his wife.  And if we call an FBI spy in the political campaign of a hated candidate, an informant does that make it all right… Then of course there is the constant bleat of TOLERANCE from the SJW’s as they continue to vomit hate on every Christian they can isolate.  “Tolerance" appears to defined as something like: favor thy LGBTQxyz neighbor or I will kill you. 

But I digress… The sacrifices of D-Day are really incomprehensible to the great american public who see character and integrity in over-paid ball players foul-mouthing Patriotism and the President.  My guess is a very large majority of Americans on the street could not explain what D-Day was, why is was, and how the sacrifices made then relate to them today…  And that is so sad…

If you don’t think your phone in your pocket is listening to your conversation and making the data useful, then read this article.  George Orwell had no idea…

I saw an ad for a SAMSUNG refrigerator last night.  The screen of the front door can monitor your doorbell camera while at the same time displaying recipe websites.  If you are running short of milk, the unit will notify your phone.  Yeah… I really want another SAMSUNG device in my house, talking to my phone and taking care of me. 

One of the effects of the coughing is the wheezing from the inflamed pieces of the lung.  The noise in not unlike a bag pipe squeal with every exhalation. Doesn’t make for restful sleep.  I keep wondering if the neighbors can hear it.  I know my phone can...


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