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I told Mike if the Republicans won Virginia, I might return to post the occasional political thought such as it might be.  Youngkin's triumph has driven me back to my reading list if only to reaffirm the good news.

I do have to say I take a lesser sense of political optimism from the results than many of the commentators.  The overwhelming concern in the exit polls was the economy, followed by Covid.  The School issue was much lower in third place. If you look at ground zero of the school issue, Louden County, you will see the democrat carried the county handily. One would think from the post-analysis that the McCaullif’s gaffe during the debate was the prime factor but the facts don’t bear that out.  In any case people have such a limited recall that by next fall the school issue will be very much old news.

The pocketbook is always pain one, but where is the outrage over lost freedom and the literal destruction of communities.  People tout the cancel culture as a factor but I don’t see it.  And I don’t see the anger it should create. As long as the social media is in charge, there will be no freedom of expression. But I guess that’s just me.

The WSJ published the demographics of the vote in Virginia.  The “younger" age groups strongly favored the democrats.  It was the blue collar men and over 65 folks who carried the win.  Fortunately P* is too stupid to recognize that all it will take to sooth the Great American Public is a moderation in the economic game.  Drop gas prices and control inflation and most folks will go back to a normal gimme free stuff stupor.

Never-the-less, I am grateful for the victory, especially that of AG.  The removal of the criminal loving mark herring from that position will benefit Virginia in ways yet to be seen.  And who couldn’t love the ex-marine,  Winsome Sears, as Lt. Governor. She posed with an AR-15 in her arms.

In the meantime - Let’s go Brandon!.


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