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Return of Summer

Had a cool snap yesterday. 50’s.  Back to the high 60’s today.  On the dark side, the lawn already needs mowing.  I usually have the mower serviced in February…

My take on the Olympics…  The most boring and and tedious TV I have not watched in years.  Someone explain the 4-man bobsled to me, please.  Is it a team sport…?  I don’t even want to know what the other three guys are doing in the back...  Why do they wear those aerodynamic suits if they are just going to duck down anyway…?  There was something called Big Air on the other night.  Apparently it’s a sport to throw yourself off a ski jump, tumble in the air and crash down at the bottom… Speaking of ski jumps what ever happened to that insanity…?  I was going to complain about the hideous assumption of gender as in Men’s this and Woman’s that; but the figure skating pretty much muddled genders.  The only clue as to which was which was the woman were a tad less bitchy.  Except for the pairs, especially the ice dancers.  I could tell one from the other pretty easily. It was also pretty lusty stuff… It would have steamed up my TV screen if my TV screen worked… but that’s another story.

The tragedy in Florida has been cooped by the by the political ambitions of the news interpreters.  As usual the democrats just want to whine and try desperately to find a political issue for the mid-terms.  What ever it was, it was caused by Trump and the alt-right’s worship of the NRA.  The concept of raising the age to purchase a rifle to 21 pours out of the megaphones. ????  how…? uh… what…? uh…huh… ? Are you kidding me…?  Good Grief… the whole argument ties my bowels in a knot.  Oh gosh I’m too young to buy a rifle.  Guess I’ll just put my plans on hold for a few years.  Clearly I can’t steal a rifle or use my parent’s guns or get someone to buy them for me.  That’s against the law…


WHEN BROWARD COUNTY SHERIFF SCOTT ISRAEL WAS ACCUSED OF CORRUPTION, HE RESPONDED: ‘LIONS DON’T CARE ABOUT THE OPINIONS OF SHEEP.  (Stole the link from InstaPundit) That should tell you all you need to know why his department was culpable in the tragedy.  That guy needs to join bb hil in the dung dump of history.

Our little girl Halley working out quite well.  She still isn’t completely housebroken.  We can’t read her ask to go outside.  She is awfully cute and affectionate.  It appears she was badly injured and so limps noticeably on her right leg.  Doesn’t stop her from running in the yard or pouncing on toys.  She doesn’t join in barking at the terrorists that pass by the house.  We have heard her bark but only once at some toys she dragged out of the bin.

Cartoons were weak this morning.  OK maybe this one but it probably only tickles very strange people...


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