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Our Pastor, an amazing and articulate speaker, has been attempting to explain the words of the Book of Revelation. Tough mission.  Yesterday he focused on the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet.  For example he noted that some consider Ronald Wilson Reagan to be the Anti-Christ:

Six letters in each name

Survived a mortal wound (although not to the head).

First Lady wore a lot of red.

Moved to a house at 666 St. Cloud Rd. upon retirement.

Primarily, of course, he was a Republican Conservative. But when the Anti-Christ come to power, a significant requirement is one must bear the mark (666 or something) in order to buy and sell.  Those who do not conform are forbidden.  Now I’m not saying that mask and vaccine mandates reflected in a “Passport” are Marks of the Beast  but there do seem to be an abundance of False Prophets around.

Although Mei Mei and I are thrice vaccinated and relatively restricted in our travels, I am surprised we have not had the symptoms of the wuhan.  I had a brief period where I was run down and exhausted but that turned out to be sleep issues.  My suspicion is we have been asymptomatically infected and have significant immunity and that is probably true of our friends and associates who circulate freely without underlying morbidities.  Unless required by the senseless, we don’t wear masks.

Interesting article hereIt notes that among nearly 700,000 healthy Americans under 65 who were vaccinated and monitored last year, precisely zero had a severe case of Covid. Among those of any age with fewer than three chronic conditions, the odds of dying were 150,000-to-1. Those are roughly the same odds that in the course of a year you’ll die in a fire, or perish by falling down stairs. You’re more likely over the course of your lifetime to die in an earthquake or be killed by lightning. And the Covid risk to children is even lower whether or not they’ve been vaccinated.

Some Sunday School friends invited us to a lovely and elegant lunch yesterday.  The company was fun and and the food excellent.  It was real food, not the plant based stuff.  I don’t know why but this cartoon jumps to mind:

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