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It would seem that the evils of the FBI are understated.  Yesterday we learned from some guy named zuckerberg that FaceBook censored the hunter biden laptop news because they were told to by the FBI.  Now isn’t that special… the dems have a personal gestapo and they will get you if you don’t watch out. Who’s that knocking on my door…?


Man… I wish  I had a student loan… Oh never mind… Even if I did I still wouldn’t vote democrat…


In other news, Halo had eye surgery to repair a lower eyelid.  He did well except he has to wear the cone shame for 10 days.  Scott bought a motorcycle and has joined the equivalent of the New Delhi Hells Angels… Or may just some teachers who have a motorcycle club.   He and the family are doing fine except for the interment Delhi Belly…  I have had that disease and believe me it’s no fun.


  © Robert Graham