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That’s often what PDT says whencircustances don’t meet his approval.  Example: a Saturday when all of the cartoons disappoint.  Well some of them were OK but I already used them in earlier rants. I found this one elsewhere:


And related to the omarosa kerfluffel:

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My gal Kimberly had a riveting column about the infamous Bruce Ohr, a (former) deputy attorney general of the US and his wife, an employee of the the equally infamous Fusion GPS.  The saga is another splintered underpinning in the foul structure that was/is the DOJ and FBI’s scheme to rid the Nation of the Trump contagion.  Despite the continuing stone wall and attempts to mask the malfeasance, with the help of the new interpreters, the story is slowly oozing out from the cesspool.  By the time we know the true extent of the hussein administration infection it will be very old news and no one will care.  Except me.  I’ll care until the day "the clouds be rolled roll back as a scroll and the trump shall resound…“ (unintended pun)

The news interpreters resent being accused of Fake News, in spite of consistent and continuing evidence that they do create and promulgate that very thing.  Case in point:  The NYT ran a hit piece on Kavanaough saying he lied when he denied being the principle point of contact in the confirmation of a judge during the Bush administration.  In point of FACT the judge in question stated he did not have any interaction with Kavanaugh and didn’t even know who he was at the time.  Apparently fact checking stories that turn out to be fake is offensive and perhaps even a micro aggression.  I believe the correct term for this situations is: SAD.

It would seem that the democrats no longer support the #METOO movement.  Apparently it’s taking down too many of the folk who would be in the “leadership”  To wit: keith ellison and little billy c.  The news interpreters have buried all stories relating to ellison and abuse of women and we all know how protected billy is.  If it’s inconvenient, erase it from history.  So reads the an invisible plank of the democrat platform.

The jurors in the Manafort case have been subjected to threats.  I wonder which side of the political spectrum would originate such threats…? The judge in the case denied demands from the news interpreters for juror information such as names and addresses.  Now why would CNN need that information…?  I can’t imagine they would publish it to put those folks under the pressure of anti-everything liberals who would hound their homes, families and livelihoods should they the jurors not conform to liberal think.  It’s our own fault.  By our vote, we allowed the fundamental change of America.  Twice. 


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