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I was wrong.  Oh, the debate went about as I thought it would.  Biden didn’t melt down so he won.  The real loser was Chris Wallace whose anti-PDT bias could not be hidden.  I thought better of him but no longer…

Sadly PDT interrupted joey at a couple of points where it appeared he was about to lose it…  I prayed for Trump to say “Come on man…” but he missed that opportunity several times.

I should be playing golf.  It’s a beautiful day but we had a couple of inches of rain last night.  I just don’t do cart path only anymore.

Truth be known we missed a large portion of the dumpster fire last night.  We moved to the bedroom to watch in there but the TV acted up and would not turn on… We could have moved back to the family room but I decided we weren’t missing much.  I unplugged the TV and then plugged it back in and it worked fine.  Unfortunately it could not filter Wallace…  We did catch joey denying the green new deal… I am sure the bernie bros will celebrate that declaration…

So… in summary:

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