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the news interpreters are beginning to return to form.  For a brief spell there was condemnation of the p* debacle but now the positive spin is beginning the attempt to repair history.  A story from the AP this morning celebrated the evacuation of the "last 300 Americans from Kabul” .  If you believe that, I am truly sad for you.  Nowhere in the hopeful spin will you see this photo of p* checking his watch as the the marines who were killed by his incompetence were being honored.  Apparently the ice cream truck was late.

We will travel north this weekend to honor our brother-in-law who graduated with Grace to the shelter of God last week.  He served the US in the Army for a career.  His years of service in combat mark him as a hero, unsung, like so many others.  I don’t pretend to know the routine but I have to think his place in Heaven is special.  He was not a democrat.

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