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Same old

The 10 republican senators who met with p*doj on the covid bill, reported that it had been a good meeting.  Their voices were heard.  The next day joey encouraged his side of the senate to push through without republican votes… More unity… Gotta love it.  Joe Manchin goes on Fox News and swears he will not allow a bill that isn’t bipartisan…  Everyone knows he will cave.  He’s a democrat… C’mon man…

No wuhan shot side effects last night.  We probably got the placebo…  Just kidding of course… Would the US Navy treat us like that…? I shouldn’t take the fact that we got the vaccine so lightly.  If it hadn’t been for xPDT and his refusal to accept the  bureaucratic answers on drug development, the world would be in debilitating lockdown waiting for a vaccine to come years down the pike.  While we may indeed still die from this pandemic, what hope we have is due to Trump and his disregard for no, can’t, doesn’t work that way, get real… He is not only a US hero but may have saved the world.

Here’s an idea… why don’t we impeach him…?

  © Robert Graham