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Good Grief… It was just Saturday yesterday wasn’t it…? I’m running out of time and I can’t even get started…

Great interview in the WSJ this morning on the science of climate change.  This guy, a physicist, clears the perspective with statements like: " the real climate crisis is a crisis of political and scientific candor…” He advocates for nuclear power and electric cars.  The cars not for the reason you might think.  He wants to reduce noise pollution. Do any of you really think p* has any  concept of what “climate change" means…? Yeah…. me neither.  It’s just another scary phrase… Something like “Make America Great”

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Great exchange between Jim Jordan and dr fauci yesterday.  Jordan represents me well.  He asks the questions I would like to have answered.  Pretty simple question… What are the criteria for lifting the state of emergency and restoring constitutional rights…?  fauci couldn’t answer of course.  No one knows the specific numbers that will be considered safe, but instead of admitting he didn’t know, he weaseled… Don’t weasel… Nobody likes a weasel…Have integrity instead.  Everybody loves integrity… Well ,except democrats… But don’t get me started.

p* spoke yesterday of the national embarrassment of mass shootings… I wonder why he overlooked the national embarrassment of blm riots and looting…?  How about the national embarrassment of Minneapolis closing schools for fear of the riots should the verdict in the Chauvin case not be acceptable to blm… There will be looting whatever the verdict… 

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Taxes… I have to finish the taxes… How can the government spend $4T without my contribution…?

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