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Saturday already…?

Here’s the scoop today… The cherry tree is blooming in front; the daffodils are out.  We hare having the mulch put down today; and the climate will be sunny and near 70…  If it weren’t for cloud of oppression sagging down over us from the dem/libs, I could actually celebrate.

I did get good news from my last A1c reading.  While it was high, it dropped below the number set for the need to begin type two diabetes meds.  All it cost me was ice cream, snickers and raisin bran cereal…   I know, unreasonable tradeoff for at most a year or two extra of video gaming but it is what it is… for now.

The paper ran a story this morning about the possibility of tearing down the McArthur Center in Norfolk.  OMG, I thought… now McArthur is on the cancel list… What was it…? his abuse of the Japanese, his closeness to the corrupted Philippines… Actually they were talking about the Mall which is suffering like most from lack of customers.  

It appears that nan the ripper thinks she can stoke the fear of revolution by abusing the National Guard and fencing the Capitol.  I’m not sure what will change all of that except either a republican sweep of the house of a real, no-crap armed insurrection. I mean one that places Madame LePelosi in the tumbrel.  


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