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Saturday already...

I suppose May is almost gone also.  I’m afraid to look.  In any case my calendar works by counting SAMSUNG working days… Total in current count: one…

Strange news week.  PDT going for the Nobel… WRT to news worthy prizes, there’s a terrible play on words involving peace and piece but my comeyistic sense of morality forbids even the mention.  

A judge reportedly raked the Mueller Syndicate over the coals in reaction to the apparently unfettered power claimed by the SpecProg mafia.  When the judge demanded to see the memo detailing the limits of authority, he was told he wasn’t cleared.  How that works is a mystery to me but the the Judge's line was classic. ”I'll be the Judge of that…”

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Golf was epic yesterday.  Mediocre 42 on the front nine but I rallied for a 36 on the back thus breaking 80 for the first time since the pacemaker incident of 2017.  Very satisfying given the fact I am almost old.

Halley is suddenly in demand.  She was visited Thursday and will check out another family tomorrow.  Everyone is concerned about her leg injury and the projected costs associated with it.  We on the other hand love her.  

Roscoe is standing rock still with his head cocked over an air duct.  That means he hears creatures below.  Hopefully they are of neither the undead nor legless variety.  I can handle the undead as long as they are pixelated but them legless thangs are too real. Even though I know full well Roscoe can handle them.


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