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Saturday Morning

And for some reason I feel obliged to spew my irrelevant pixels all over this screen. Maybe it’s because the warm sunny climate has reappeared.

In my contemplation of the various voter fraud conspiracies, I may have missed a critical element.  I wasn’t really aware of the widespread common use of the Dominion software, especially in those states that suddenly and mysteriously stopped the count for several hours. I would be less accepting of the theories had Dominion not lawyered up and refused to cooperate in an investigation.  I don’t really have anything cogent to offer here.  I just like to toss gasoline at the flames.  You know… while we still have gasoline…

Jackson, my grandson, is the proud owner of a PlayStation 5. His girlfriend got it for him though means too mystical to understand. You probably don’t know what a PS 5 is; or care, but those of us who game from a console, do.  The PS 5 is virtually unattainable because Sony cleverly dribbles them onto the market and that market consumes them to the extent that the average shopper has no chance.  I covet the machine in violation of every Christian tenant.  The list price is $499.  I could get one on EBAY for $2200 but my lust isn’t quite that pervasive…  Anyway if you should run across one for sale in your local Walmart,  Target  or Exchange, grab it.  I will pay your fine, your bail and whatever other charges you encounter.

I have no more nonsense with which to pollute this page.  I do have two visual on that apply to the Great American Voter:


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