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It’s special.  SBS for starters.  In the old days it was for sleeping in and playing records.  My  kids still harass me over Tammy Wynette and Neil Diamond blasting through the house.  Retirement dulls the pleasure because now I can listen to anything, anytime  on my Ear Pods streaming from the Apple Watch.  Dick Tracy never had it so good. All he has was a two way wrist radio.

Cartoons of course…I had seen and used or rejected most of them.  OK,  few ticked me but missing the usual bizarre:

IMG 9676

IMG 9674

This one I especially liked:

Played 9 holes of golf for the first time since October.  Seem an appropriate analogy to the SpecProc debacle.  It was  a calamity but ended well with a nap.

You will happy to know I blasted a sufficient number of pixels, mano en mano, in the Crucible to earn both the Ace of Spades and the Thorn.  Yeah I know… drifting over the far right edge… But it keeps my brain from swxui sdaxce and deteriorating ssncvberv xxxxxxxxx….

Roscoe is at my feet giving me the look out of the corner of his eye that translates to “you are one sad case, human. Now scratch my ear and let me out…"


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