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Are good in general.  They apparently at one time were part of a thing called a weekend.  This designation had something to do with not going to work, a four letter word unknown and undefined to almost old people.  Even so, Saturdays produce cartoons at PowerLine, and sometimes, as I reminisce, the playing of music to include Tammy Wynette, Neil Diamond and the New Christy Minstrels…(Inside family joke)

So today we are basking in the glow of Jackson’s becoming a sailor, the deck upgrade and a low humidity, sunny moderate day.  The cartoons were mediocre but there were a couple that jangled my weird synapses.  I had already rejected most of the SpecProc ones as either cruel or insufficiently mocking of democrats. But a couple I hadn’t seen were pretty good:


And then the ones that probably only I find funny:

There is a lawn to be mowed, deck furniture to be moved and many, many other tasks that may or may not be attempted on this bright clear Saturday morning.  I will eliminate thousands of pixels whose threat to your existence you may not even be aware of.  You are welcome.  That exertion may lead tp a nap.


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