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I never took a biology course.  There’s even a song about that…”Don’t know much about biology…”.   So when I read of the techniques being employed to fight the wuhan bugs, I am astounded on a couple of levels.  The lexicon is well beyond my comprehension, but the engineering sort of makes sense.  That the scientists can understand the complex nature of the body at that micro-level and engineer subtle changes is one astounding thing.  The other is the wondrous nature of God’s design. Anyone who thinks humanity is an evolutionary accident simply ignores the beautiful scheme the body employs to defend itself from dangers we can’t see and may not even know exist.

I know I occasionally overdo my Christianity.  There is a motive.  I’m hoping God sneaks a peek every now and then and will judge my words sincere.  Let’s face it; the closer I get to those Pearly Gates, the more I realize I really, really need leverage.

Now we all know that joey is a strong practicing Catholic because… uh… well... THEY tell us that.  Never question THEM.  That he doesn’t know a psalm from a palm and advocates the murder of the unborn has no bearing… Does it…?  I surely don’t judge but I do know he is as close if not closer to the Gates than I.  Might be time to review accounts and clean up the act… After all we all know where the womanwhoshallnotbenamed has made her pact…  Just sayin’…


  © Robert Graham