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Second day home

Sort of caught up on email and soap operas.  Our deck is not useable for doggy outings so we have to actually walk  ur pooches.  Not fun in the torrid AGW.  We leased out Roscoe to the Kuhns.  He refuses to poop on a walk and won't enter the back yard via the fence gate what with having to deal with the electricity for several years.

Hard to find a subject to rant about given the specter of the SpecProc hanging over the day.  The best the dems can hope for is innuendo and perceived implication.  The news interpreters will find something negative to headline.  But I do think public interest has waned.  Nobody but the dems wants this crap to continue and I really think overall it just helps PDT cement his assertions.  Should produce some good cartoons though.

We have been a DirecTV customer since the late 90’s.  But if we don’t get NBC back on the listing we may have to abandon.  We can get most of the channels we watch via HULU for about half the cost of DirecTV.  I know we can get NBC in high def over the air and that is the compelling argument but it’s all very annoying.  

Anyone who follows the news interpreters, or even FOX for that matter, knows Canada presents a very PC face to the world.  Their version of civil rights and freedom of speech is darkly colored by liberalism in its extreme.  One is ill advised to make jokes about the LGBTXYZ community and the Rainbow flag is omni-present.  On the other hand those Canadians with whom we had intercourse (That's SOCIAL - get your mind out of the gutter) were outgoing, friendly and even helpful.  We sat in the terminal at one stop to enjoy the WIFI and a security guard came over to take his lunch at our table.  He was very chatty while he watched something from Netflix on his phone.  He laughed and came around to to show us what he was watching.  The context escaped me but appeared to be somewhat irreverent demonstrating that at least one Canadian enjoyed the occasional irony.




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