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Got your attention…?  As you know my credentials in humanity and the theology of God’s purpose are unshakeable and available for inspection somewhere near the Virginia Beach dump. My credibly thus established, I state without fear of challenge that God intended that every species survive, if only to be food for those on the chain above.  To so guarantee, the same God built a primal need to reproduce into them all. Man and Woman are not exceptions. For simplicity,  we’ll  leave the gender deviates screaming in the background.   

So it is that all of our rituals: flirting, posturing, touching, dating,  revealing clothing, testosterone driven idiocy and the list continues… are precursors to the one act necessary for procreation.  That the act is intensely pleasurable seems likely to have been part of the Plan but unfortunately mandates the Plan be subjected to Man's (and Woman’s) natural tendency for corruption and gratification.

That’s the way it is and the way it has always been.  There is a moral code somewhere in our DNA that resolves the conflicts and I suspect that one's attention to that code will be a major factor at the triage on Judgement Day.  God’s Grace is available, by the way.

Sorry.  Every now and then my personal outrage spills over into moralistic blather. But you knew that when you opened the page.

Thank Goodness, President, Mr bb hil, of Monica fame, has denied association with the predator Epstein. In spite of his recorded 26 trips on the private plane known as the Lolita Express, his claim of innocence should be taken at face value.  After all would he lie to us…?  That brings to mind: 


Wow look at the time… It’s almost the middle of July.  I demand a search be initiated for June… 


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