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As I am sure you will be when I tell you SAMSUNG didn’t call me yesterday. Apparently the definition of two working days is vague and indeterminate.  So I called them this morning and spent 20 minutes of my rapidly diminishing time on this earth learning that my case is under review and I should hear from them within two working days.  When I pointed out the fact that this was an echo of a previous promise - in fact at least three previous promises - my agent Rashid, threatened to mutilate my genitals.  No, not really.  That was just a joke born of anxiety over my white privilege .  Actually, Rashid was exceedingly polite and apologetic for the delay.  He even promised he would send me an email before the close of business clarifying the status of my case.  That promise and $200.00 will buy me a slightly damaged Golden Retriever, age 3-6, who already lives here in a state of socialistic nirvana.  More tomorrow, I am sure.

A local guy, apparently a veteran who treasures the time he spent in defense of our freedom, has an ad on TV expressing his grave concern that out local Congressman actually voted for the Tax Bill.  He Suggests we call the office of Rep.Scott Taylor and demand he repeal that devastating piece of legislation. Ah democrats... That’s what they plan to campaign on…?  Damn those republicans… What were they thinking cutting my taxes…?  Where can I sign up to be a democrat. Lobotomy first…?  Oh, OK.  Makes sense.


Taxes… Oh yeah… taxes.

PDT tweeting is not unlike the classic fingernails on the chalkboard.  I hate it and so do all three people I feel comfortable discussing it with.  His news interpreter coverage is 99.9999% negative.  The remaining .00001% are equivocal.  Yet his approval is somewhere around 50%.  Can you imagine if he kept his tweet shut…?

Security measures have been put in place at Parkland.  Some of the kids are whining at the freedom crushing requirements.  But as we have seen, kids are prone to do that.  That’s why they are considered children until they are 26,  I guess.

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