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Please excuse the seditious and horrifyingly violent topic.  Go ahead… impeach me.  But I was referring to the fact that Mei Mei and I received the first installment on covid inoculation.  Is this a tribute to the efficiency of the State of Virginia in taking care that those who are almost old get the vaccine…?  Well no, most assuredly not.  The State of Virginia doesn’t seem to have a plan, at least not one that has been published at the consumer level.  Our good fortune comes from Portsmouth Naval Hospital who provided the shot to retired military, 75 and older.  If biden doesn’t screw up everything as we have every reason to suspect, we will get our second shot in 21 days.  Thank you US Navy.

The side effects are marginal:  a craving for 14 year old scotch, dark chocolate ice cream bars and a third arm growing from the chest.

The raging witch nan ginned up a new impeachment.  Why not…?  it will be as effective as the last one which occurred just as the Chinese released the covid cracken.  

The right wing news interpreters, the few who are still able to speak, are calling out the cancellers and the muzzlers but with little to no effect.  They are overshadowed by the horror of any sort of right wing protest… to wit;

We got up very early to be at the hospital at opening time.  I need a nap… and a scotch... and a ice cream bar…

  © Robert Graham