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I know my mutterings on this page have grown infrequent.  Not my fault as p* would say.  I am growing almost old and my incoherence grows with me.  Also as my rage meter tops out, I suddenly cannot articulate beyond @#$%… and even that is only repeated over and over… 

I had a moment of panic earlier this week.  When I went to visit a friend in a assisted living facility, my temperature was measured at 99.5.  My normal temp is 97.7 and never wavers from that.  I was denied entry and so rushed home to take a covid test.  !5 minutes later I got the single line wave off.  Due to my hypochondriac nature, I grew intensely more symptomatic with the passing of each of the moments until the result was announced.  My instantaneous recovery was a miracle indeed.

OK.  I guess I’ll ask the trite and tired question again:  Which of the current gun control laws or any of the proposed gun control laws, if enforced, would have prevented any of the school shootings…?  And which of the proposed legislation is the “common sense” variety…?  For an entertaining view of p*’s latest appeal on TV last night, please read here.

I fear I may have offended by being remiss in posting any rainbow references to “pride” month.  Just for perspective, my research on the WWW indicates that about 3.5% of Americans identify in the LGBTQxyz category.  About .058% consider themselves transgender.  That leaves roughly 97% of us in the heterosexual, gender stable population.  I have no stats on how many of us can define a woman, but I will risk a wild uneducated guess that no one I know would be stumped.

Finally, I will remind you in the words of p* that none of your rights is absolute.  Any or all can be revoked at the whim of government.  A vote can change the fear but also note that the second amendment was explicitly intended to void the whim.


  © Robert Graham