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I have scandal fatigue.  I long for the good old hussein days when there wasn’t even a sniff of scandal… That’s irony in case you read into my words some sort of allegiance to the former Islamist-in-Chief. 

Someone ran a clip of a democrat from a supposedly red district explaining his decision to join the impeach brigade.  The question was:  Tell me exactly the crime for which you would impeach a duly elected president?  The answer was, in précis, uh…. well… uh… when someone ignores the law and the Constitution and lies constantly… uh… well… uh… Yep that summarizes the case pretty well.  Against the democrats…


My pacemaker checked out OK.  Oil level is topped off.  Fresh electrons just in from China.  No tariffs.  Strangely I have a craving for dumplings and disgust for Hong Kong…

The News Interpreters have sort of run out of things to say:

The Saturday cartoons were OK this week.  I liked this one:


And finally this headline:

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