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My support of PDT is hanging on a narrow ledge.  Clearly the old saw of engage brain before opening mouth doesn’t work with him.  General Kelly must be a magician to keep that place on any sort of track.  I just keep chanting the mantra:  its not hillary; its not hilliary; it’s not hilliary… Thank God Almighty.

BTW today’s pleasant dose of Kimberly slaps PDT across the cheek a couple of times as she lays out her lovely prose in explanation of why the IG is the proper person to nail down the DOJ/FBI bumbling corruption.   

We had to take Halley to the vet this morning for a routine check.  The limp in her right leg is the result of an untreated broken leg.  The break healed improperly and now is arthritic.  We are looking into whether or not a surgical repair is possible.  She also has some undefined issues with her eyes.  Off to the ophthalmologist to analyze that.  Otherwise she is in good shape considering her origins and unknown life as an Islamist.  As a democrat we can’t expect her to convert to Christianity but she is fairly neutral  on the 2nd Amendment.

I have no personal connection to chuckie schumer.  That he is a leader among democrats certainly diminishes any desire on my part to be his friend.  His sour demeanor and public speaking persona are particularly offensive to me.  I make these points because evidently he is also bigoted and stupid, having announced the reason for his opposition to a judicial nominee is simply that the nominee is caucasian in skin color.   You can’t make this stuff up.

Here are two cartoons that reinforce points made in earlier rants.  I would have liked to have had them then but … anyway…


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