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I know I live on the far right side of the street and only inhabit the right side of my house and only write with my right hand… I am a left-brained idiot but we all know the right brain controls the left side of the body.  So when I wonder how many gaffes the news interpreters are allowed, without remorse, before the great American public abandons them entirely, one may question my perspective.  Still after the many, many, many, many times the interpreters have “pounced” on the anti-conservative narrative only to discover when the facts were published by others, that the narrative was false, one would wonder if they could possibly learn from past mistakes. Apparently that wish falls somewhere on the Green New Deal scale of fantasy. 

Of course it isn’t the narrative, its hatred of PDT (Christianity and unborn children as well).  As AOC was quoted:  Being morally right is more important than being factually correct.  And when your morality is defined as the elimination of the duly elected President of the United States, facts simply get in the way.


OK, only two responded to the bucket challenge.  I know, right…?  I have two readers…

It's bucket 3. Bucket 3 has no exit.  3-4 is blocked and 3-5 is blocked. Bucket 2 can only feed bucket 7 and bucket 7 has a hole in the bottom. Hence  3 will fill first and in fact is probably the only one that will fill depending on how fast 7 drains relative to the flow rate.. Boooo…. hisssss…

Pearl is a very sedate, laid back little lady.  Except when the front door opens.  She scooted out this morning, raced across the street, between the houses and out onto the golf course.  Who had to chase her…?  Yeah the octogenarian with the pace maker… Finally found her curled up next to a sand trap watching a foursome putt out.  They laughed as I snapped a lead on her. I think she was laughing too.  This would be the place for a cat person joke but I can’t afford to offend one of my only readers.

My to-do list did not get shorter nor did my enthusiasm increase.   But I did eliminate a host of nasty pixels who intended you harm. You’re welcome.

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