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Scott and the girls less Kayla finally left on Saturday after a false start Friday.  Cancelled flights are pretty much the norm now.  They arrived in New Delhi yesterday and are well into orientation.  Kayla left verrrrry early this morning on her way back to Jakarta for a visit.  The trip is funded by her boyfriend… She will return here in a couple of weeks just before leaving for her freshman year at the UF.  The house is very quiet.

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One of our former fosters is visiting for a couple of days. The inventory now at three which is entirely acceptable.  

Even democrats are unhappy with p*.  The movement to get him to declare he won’t run in ’24 is unprecedented.  Apparently the dems aren’t confident they can create … ah.. I mean bring 81 million to the polls once again.  They would simply have him “removed”, perhaps a tragic Wuhan loss, except for the law governing succession. vp*, the giggling word salad generator, is not altogether respected or wanted near by in the event of the inevitable termination of the biden dynasty.

The lunacy of the p*  energy policy combined with the open border would ensue a republican sweep except for the word republican. Their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory is well documented.  In the meantime, I can barely afford to mow my lawn even though through fantastic management p* has managed to drop the price of gas to a paltry $4.30…

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