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The caffeine may be insufficient this morning. I get up two or three times each night to test my ability to find the bathroom in a semi-comatose state. Last night I returned somewhere in the 4:30 timeframe having triggered the "let’s review my life” piece of brain that normally is buried under the piece that says “get some sleep;better day tomorrow”.  That activity resulted in eyes wide open so here I am groggy and hanging onto my IV stand from which I get the continuous drip of coffee.  Yeah.  Major memory: the time I implied, maybe even shouted, in front of the control room watch, that my CO was a idiot for not being able to convert meters to feet when computing the appropriate depth to be patrolling.  Fun story but highly classified.

This morning the V-P headlined that Indians ( elizabeth warren type as opposed to the Nikki Haley type) want to open a casino in Norfolk.  Of course the emphasis was on how the state would benefit from revenue and employment.  I am trying to remember the State of Connecticut pre-indian casinos…

As I recall, granted it was a long time ago, the State was reasonably prosperous.  No income tax.  Significant population wealth.  State services were OK and cost of living reasonable. Even had a republican governor.   I’m not assigning causation but the correlation of the onset of gambling and the decline in the State is marked.  Now CT totters on the brink of insolvency, among the highest in taxation, the governance is in tatters.  Of course somewhere between the happy days and now, the state turned deep and heavy blue and, if you read here, you know how democrats can screw over everything they touch.  And of course do not discount AGW or climate change or whatever the algore term of the day is.   Ah.. yes another sleep depriving memory:  the time I deployed from CT in February under the heaviest snow in centuries and left my family in a house with NO heat.


I looked up the symptoms of walking pneumonia.  I’m pretty sure I’ve got it.  Not saying hypochondria but if I read the symptoms of any disease, I am pretty sure I’ve got that too.  

The WSJ had another take on the Judge Sullivan episode with Flynn last Tuesday.  According to the author, who was in court, the proceedings were not at all as interpreted by the usual news outlets.  According to the author, the Judge offered Flynn many opportunities to withdraw his plea based on the injustice of the prosecution.  The Judge became frustrated when Flynn repeatedly refused.  Clearly there is much we don’t know about what the SpecProc is holding over Flynn’s head.  From that reading I assume Flynn could have withdrawn his plea and the Judge would have socked it to the SpecProc but then the aftermath may have been a tragedy for Flynn.  What kind of Justice Department does these things to people…?  I think we all know the answer don’t we…?

Mei Mei did cookies yesterday.  And, get this: mincemeat cupcakes.  I’m sitting here in unzipped pants and a loose belt.  Does fat cause pneumonia…?

Roscoe has his chin on my arm.  Never sure if he’s saying he needs to go out, give me some attention or he is critically reviewing my thoughts.   He’s probably telling me I’m an idiot right in front of everyone…

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