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Snow, yes indeed

As predicted the white stuff fell with zeal last evening.  Under normal circumstances Goldens love to romp and push their noses into the snow.  Turns out terriers are not so enthusiastic; Hannah resisted with all of might.   Harry, in fact, was downright hostile to the idea of slogging across the slushy white deck to complete his eliminations at the end of the day.  Only Roscoe and Halley accepted the challenge but didn’t linger.

I scoured the PDT policy on School Safety but didn’t see any anti-gaming prejudice.  I feared for my sanity should he legislate against the therapy of shooting pixels.  I am sure my rage would spill over into hateful behavior if I couldn’t take it all out on aliens and the undead.  Does the second amendment cover the ownership of a Vigilance Wing Exotic Pulse Rifle… 

Oh dear…. Tillerson is out.  I guess he just didn’t have the fire in the belly for being SecState.  Maybe the fact that PDT is doing the Little Rocket Man negotiations without the courtesy of consulting his Foreign Policy Cabinet Member might have something to do with it.

I suspect strongly that I am the victim of a Russian poison.  I know it appears to be just a cold virus but I know things.  I read Jason Matthews, John Carre and the others who detail the evil within the Russian complex.  It could possibly be a nerve agent such as the one they used in England.  Fortunately my nervous system is completely independent of my brain and thus rendering me immune.  I suspect they failed to take into account my cybernetic parts as well.  Even so I continue to take in zinc and other chemicals to offset the side effects.  Kleenex also plays a significant role.

I just received the last file needed to complete my IRS obligations for last year.  Oh Joy.  Procrastination has been so easy. Now I am told I must get to work. Sigh... I blame the NRA and Samsung.

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