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So how was your weekend…?

Just a democrat question… All I really want to do is tell you about mine.  It was grrrreat.  Steve and Kathleen arrived Friday in time for dinner. By the COB Saturday we had this:

IMG 1611

A new network center.  Steve ran cables under the house to connect WIFI access points and a new cable feed.  He built the box, connected it all and worked startup magic to create a home network like few others, outside the Fuqua family, have seen.  Conservatively, if I had the energy and knowledge, I would have taken me a week just to run the cables.  I have neither of the requisite  ingredients of course.  The extent of Steve’s professionalism’s is best encapsulated as I saw him, late in the day, tired, grimey and sweaty, hunched on the floor installing a unit on the wall under the desk near Mei Mei’s computer. He was using a level to insure the cover plate was perfectly aligned up and down.  A level.  We had 8:15 reservations for dinner and he finished up just in time to quickly shower and race for the restaurant.

The system is of course remotely managed using an iPhone app or a web page on the computer.  There were some headaches and unexplained inability to log on as we left for dinner.  We got home around 10:00 and Steve began to ruminate.  Around midnight I got up to check why there were lights on downstairs.  Steve was still solving the problem.  As we did the morning pre-church countdown, Steve showed me what had gone wrong and how he solved it.

Ooh yeah we also watched the Clemson game, the Navy-Air Force debacle, and the Senate vote to confirm Judge, now Associate Justice, Kavanaugh. A martini, a nice chardonnay and a scotch on the rocks were tippled in salute to both AJK and PDT.

What did the Kavanaugh process teach us…


And that diane feistein is about as sleazy and evil as democrats get, a low bar indeed. Of course when human lows are being discussed there is always one lower.  This from a writer on the colbert show:


I’m sure she’ll be banned from twitter and severely chastised by the news interpreters and her TV network… eh...Maybe not.

So… will the republican anger dominate the democrat insanity in November…?  Some folks think so but I doubt it.  I feel a relaxation already because… WINNING.  By election day the anger will be mollified and folks will be just too busy to get to the polls.  Not me though.  I will nurse this anger right to point where old age takes it away.  And I don’t expect to be old for quite some time to come.  Maybe weeks…

So that was my weekend.  No really, how was yours…?

aa© Robert Graham 2012