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So it’s almost over...

So they would say.  But we know THEY will never get over it.  Just like they can’t get over PDT, they will forever screech and screed over Kavanaugh.  Every judicial consideration will be trashed and disparaged; hypocrisy will rule supreme.

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It may be too early to write the summary.  difi may still have a bag of excrement in her purse to deploy in a last gasp… Still isn’t it remarkable that Kavanaugh survived…?  He could have crawled off in defeat not wanting the the humiliation so willingly heaped upon him.  To do so would have labeled him an offender forever and into a downward spiral.  Thankfully he ginned up the righteous anger to throw back at them.  Almost everyone agreed at the end of Ford’s testimony, as weak and full of holes as it was, Kavanaugh was toast.  After his outrageous opening statement, full of dignity and factual detail, the 180 switch occurred. That you PDT for giving him 100% support. 

I have no way to properly condemn the democrats.  They shamelessly effected malicious evil upon a not just a good and noble man and family, but the constitutional process by which governance is made possible.  They have destroyed any hope of future rational consideration of a presidential appointment.  When ginsberg finally is carried out of the chambers, should her replacement be one selected by PDT, we can be assured the politics will dictate a strong conservative and the opposition will be insane.  It didn’t have to be this way.  In reality, thank you harry reid for the poison that killed.

Steve is here working on the new network.  More to be posted on that.

Today is Navy-Air Force.  We will be watching Clemson; Megan is a marcher in the band.  

Got to go get in the way as Steve works.  More later

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