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Societal Observation

Mei Mei and I went to breakfast at the Village Inn this morning.  It was a covert mission designed to hide the trip to the Sleep Center to retrieve the pillow I left behind last week.  Anyway, great breakfast, easily the best in VaBch.  As we were waiting for food and enjoying the meal, I had a chance to observe the various patrons and their concern for sanitation and the spread of the wuhan.  One woman, by herself and maskless, diligently wiped down everything on her table with what one presumes was disinfectant. By everything I mean the silverware, the small coffee pot, the table and and even the menu.  One table had four ladies (I assume), two with masks and two without.  One couple sat with the woman masked and the man not.  A large family with kids came in the door, all wearing masks.  The servers were maskless as were the majority of the other patrons.  One wonders if those wearing masks were concerned about their own health or those about them… or was it just an attempt to screen out the stench created by the p* administration.

My depression deepens.  For almost 19 years we have fought a losing war against the invasion of weeds, bermuda grass and black migrant, food demanding birds.  The family treasury could not sustain the war.  The answer was a common sense withdrawal from the conflict.  As I began to effect the plan, my first step was to abandon the lawnmower and the herbicides. After all there was no way the weeds, et al, could overrun the lawn before the evacuation was complete.  I dismissed the advice and arguments of the lawn service company as self-serving.  What do they know anyway.  I have been at this for decades.  My advisors and xPDT badly underestimated the ferocity and tenacity of the enemy.  Then I discovered my allies in the effort were working against me.  The dogs and my wife conspired to undermine the withdrawal.  My depression deepens… Did I already say that…? I am confused and beginning to dodder.

To make matters worse, I don’t know what my pronouns are… I didn’t even know I had pronouns


  © Robert Graham