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Some people did something...

In Sri Lanka… You would be hard pressed to find out who by reading the Ap or WSJ this morning.  The AP reported that all Muslim groups had condemned the attack and that a deep conflict between Buddhists and “other religious groups" could have played a part… To the rest of the news interpreters, the whole attack on "Easter worshipers” ( God forbid they should be referred to as Christians) is a mystery indeed… 


We attended the 11:15 service this morning along with enough others to completely fill the available seats in the Church.  Our paster did make an ironic reference to those who found time to come to Church on this day but can not otherwise.  The music and Lessons were wonderful. We topped off the celebration with Bonnie and Joe at brunch… Very nice.

There is a new, very popular video game called “The Division”. The setting is post-apocalyptic Washington DC.  The city has been devastated and the people abandoned only surviving by gathering in communal defensive zones while malicious gangs rule the streets.  Enter the heroes of the Division to take down the gangs and restore the values of America to the communes.  Not terribly afar from real life as I see it.  I’ll leave the designations of bad guys, good guys and the wandering masses as an exercise for the reader… but think democrats, socialism, the Great American Voter…  Should be easy.

It’s also easy to fit the analogy to the FBI arresting the Militia leader who was detaining illegals at the border.  People protecting their property from invaders because the Government won’t are arrested by the Government… Socialism anyone…?

It’s Earth Day.  Eat some carbon.


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