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Sometimes 2020

Just mocks us.  Since we are having the lawn reseeded, I was supposed to mow the lawn yesterday… but, unexpectedly, it rained.  Navy went to Colorado to watch the Air Force play football.  It was sort of like the Washington Generals against the Harlem Globetrotters.  Same thing happened at Dallas - Cleveland played football, Dallas played Santa. 

PDT proved once again, he is the world’s greatest showman.  Even locked away in the hospital with the deadly covid, he enrages the left to the point of foaming insanity.  They claim he is covering up his death, faking document signing and everything short of wife beating while he evidences more energy and vigor then poor joey who went back to his basement still wondering what packing the supreme count actually means…

Then as CNN speculated on what day PDT’s funeral will be, Trump rode down the street waving at his supporters gathered outside the hospital.

I meet with my sleep doctor, virtually, tomorrow to find out if I need to continue to sleep with a machine pumping air at me.  Personally I think a prescription for Oban, 14, twice a day would suffice...

Prayers for Joe as he goes in for heart cauterization today.  We expect it all to go well.  

Apparently gretch the grinch, Gov of Michigan, had her power grab rebuked by the state supreme court.  Even though "no one is above the law”, a democrat mantra, she claims ruling is illegitimate, and will ignore it at her whim.  

Will the lawn mow itself…?  How long should I wait for statistically acceptable answer…

  © Robert Graham