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I have a new credo:

Not only have I nothing to say, I have no thoughts… If I think too much, or at all, I’ll realize that p* is simply a stuffed chew toy.  His press secretary, herself of limited capacity, admitted “they” are afraid to allow him to speak in public.  How long will will the “Journalists of the American Press Corps” allow this farce to continue…?  Silly question given the complete and total absence of integrity in the above group.

Of course if you happen to follow the thread, you realize that 9 out 4 biden votes come from the ether…  Maricopa County anyone…?  Anyone…?

You may or may not be aware that the those who prop up the carcass of p* and move his lips are advancing the waiver of patent rights for the wuhan virus vaccines.  Another words, let's just give the process to India and China who will make knockoff drugs.  Good luck getting the pharma to move so quickly on the next pandemic.  And you can be sure that when the wind blows in the right direction there will be one…

In 2017 the infallible dr fauci predicted xPDT would face a pandemic … Did you know that…?  What a surprise that the world's most hated republican president, who was surely bound for a landslide reelection, should be stymied by a pandemic that was predicted by the guy who funded viral research in wuhan… No conspiracy theorist here…  just sayin’….

facebook… You know well my attitude and judgement regarding that criminal organization.


Time for my meds...

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