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The sound of lawn trimmers are echoing outside the house.  It’s the pre-spring cut back and cleanup of shrubs and bushes.  Just in time for the 4-6 inches of snow expected to start tomorrow night.  On the bright side we have 4-6 inches of daffodils growing in the flower beds.  Climate change indeed...

Given the prospects of a vacancy in our current dog line-up, we the executive of the Home have decided to only consider black female replacements.  There may well be other fosters much more in need of love and rescue but equity demands that their issues be set aside.  


When I meet with my friend every Tuesday morning to talk about cabbages and kings, he always asks me: “What is biden doing these days…?”  Of course the assumption is that he is going about carrying the heavy responsibilities of being President. You know, dealing with the wuhan, the border crises, China and the Russians… Ah well this week I was able to point out that p* was very busy publicly profaning a Fox reporter, formulating a policy on Ukraine and very significantly, taking the day off to get himself an ice cream cone.  To wit:



Let’s go Brandon…

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