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Special Breakfast Saturday

I had eggs and spicy hash browns.  Not exactly eggs bene but tasty and blood sugar friendly.  Played golf yesterday in the annual Kiwanis fund raiser with Joe, classmate Tom and his son.  Excellent company, weather and overall good time.  Golf not so much but when one is on the far edge of almost old, some things do decline.

I never met the Queen and she never knew my name.  Still I was an admirer.  She was one who who could maintain the royal dignity while seeming to be a common person.  This picture really represents her character in my mind:

So California is banning gas powered vehicles while demanding electric car owners not charge their cars because of power shortages.  Seems about right. 

And this one:

IMG 1035.jpg

OK.  I need to mow the lawn… where is my ultra-super  MAGA hat…?  One must dress properly when out and about...

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