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Special Breakfast Saturday

I was going to bake some puff pastry elephant ears for SBS this morning.  I am a big fan of the British Baking Show.  Puff pastry requires beating the crap out of some dough over and over again with rests in-between sessions.  That really suits my character as a violent hater.  I didn’t do it because elephant ears are very flakey.  If I never see or hear of flake again, it will be too soon.

Good cartoon in the WSJ.  Man says to his wife:  I gonna need a surge protector for my pacemaker.

Some excellent cartoons this morning.  I refer you to the PowerLine Kavanaugh edition.  My quiver is empty.  I have expended my vocabulary.  I lack any new adjective combination to describe the American Tragedy unfolding in the confirmation/assassination of one good man to SCOTUS.

My new Apple Watch is the perfect adjunct to the modern phone.  Among the hidden features of a phone is the ability to actually make a phone call.  No one will answer but that’s another story… Here is a picture of the face of my watch.  Somewhere in there is the time… And I can make a phone call that no one will answer...

IMG 1608

I usually watch some football or golf on the weekend.  Navy’s team is not doing well; the Cowboys really suck; the US is losing the Ryder Cup; the Yankees are breaking my heart… the republicans are eating their own… 

I think I’ll go make some puff pastry.


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