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Special Breakfast Saturday

Eh… Still carrying around that hamburger I had for dinner Thursday… Had to settle for plain eggs.

Interesting stuff in the reading this morning.  If you get any sort of conservative news, you will have noted that David Koch, a noted very wealthy libertarian, passed away.  He gave money to many causes most philanthropic but some considered to be conservative.  For that reason those of the ghoulish liberal bent are celebrating his passing.  See here.  Want a piece of irony…?

Justice Ginsburg was successfully treated for a pancreatic cancer tumor at the Cancer Center in NYC. Sloan Kettering has a 23-story treatment facility named after David Koch, who donated $150 million in 2015 and battled prostate cancer throughout his own life.

Apparently the hussein family is not terribly afraid of the prediction that the coastal areas of the US will be under water in 5, 10, 12 years (depending on your prophet). This is the new home of the former community organizer…


Many depend on the judgement of the Snopes website to fact check the slings and arrows of the outrageous internet.  It is well established that the Snopes site is managed by folks who dwell on the left side of reality.  If you question that we can argue later, but for now check this out: 


Can you believe that…?  What’s my source…?  I copied this directly from the "Babylon Beewebsite.  Look it up.  It’s on the internet.    (READ WITH IRONY.  Please.) 

I know it is cartoon Saturday but the cartoons were not much this week.  In fact I didn’t get several of them.  I am only plagiarizing one:

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