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Special Breakfast Saturday

Finally somewhat caught up on sleep and routine.  I even played golf yesterday.  It was very hot but I played well, broke 80, and we were rewarded with cooling thunderstorms in the afternoon.  

The V-P and WSJ haven’t been delivered since we returned home.  Not the worst thing that could happen but I am convinced it’s a democrat scheme.  Deprived of the liberal news interpretation, we will finally see the light and vote democrat… or something.  Makes about as much sense as anything else from the blue side.

Even absent the Friday paper, I still found Kimberly’s column in which she wonders if we will ever get a peek at the dirty underwear at the FBI.  Can’t escape the stench but they have cast walls of stone at the attempts by the constitutional mandated oversight Congressional committees to have the story explained.  They know full well, of course, that once the curtain is torn back, the revelations will point to hussein and his little band of criminals mucking about spying on everyone in a wild attempt to save the hapless mad woman of the left.  There were few illusions that the world of government of the people and for the people was in any sense altruistic but the complete corruption within the Justice system destroys even those.

We had a nice relatively apolitical 10 days or so.  We returned to reality finding democrats advocating open and blatant violence, disavowing law enforcement, cheering socialism and in an ever increasing dither over the Kennedy retirement.  The cartoons should draw themselves.  Yet none of the PowerLine selections were acceptable… I found these elsewhere:


As I try to melt some of the flab gained by the excesses of the “cruise”, I find myself starving.  Where is the afternoon tea and it’s scones with whipped cream…?  Where is the ubiquitous ice cream…? And the breakfast pastry(ies)… the hard rolls with dinner…?  I’ll tell you where they are… right under my belt…

Life is cruel.

Late entry:  Received a call from our newspaper delivery person.  I had some difficulty with the ebonics, but after I cut through the “You done got yo paper every morning, so what’s yo problem”, it turns out the delivery was being made to an address at least a block from our house.  Well these things happen,  After all we only moved in here 15 years ago... 

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