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What are those…?  I checked with my inner democrat… Standards dictate that people who use obscenities, racial slurs or personal attacks via public or social  media to impute reprehensible characteristics in another human should be condemned, lashed and as a minimum removed from any position of influence.  Everyone must conform to this doctrine for this to be a viable society.  Except of course, in the instances where such standards would inconvenience or embarrass a democrat or person of a progressive, liberal mindset.  As every rational mind understands, there can be no standards that apply to the defamation of conservative or otherwise trump-like persons.  Pshaw.. Everyone knows that. Please…No standards for samantha bee.  She is a comedian ( no gender implied)

Kimberly regales us with The curious case of Mr Downer.  Brilliant.  

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Mei Mei had an episode of severe pain in her leg and numbness in her feet yesterday.  A visit to the Chiropractor seemed to help.  Back issues come out of nowhere…  Good thing we aren’t old yet…

By the way if you ever wondered if little billy clinton thought he did anything wrong with the Lewinsky affair… he doesn’t.  Standards… see above.

I pruned the blog file this morning.  Got to get the evidence buried.  They are coming after me I just know it.  After all, I have only conservative standards….

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