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With the good news.  Lena’s surgery went well.  The surgeon discovered she had been spayed conventionally.  That is the uterus had been removed along with the ovaries.  It apparently was a sloppy job, however with traces of the ovaries still in place.  That would account for her deviant sexual behavior… coming into heat despite the biologics.   Either that or Roscoe is just a very attractive room mate.  I can’t take this any further without assuming some genders and losing the PG rating of the page.

More good news: the republican in Mississippi easily defeated the democrat, giving the republicans another vote in the senate... maybe.  This in spite of Ms Hyde-Smith’s evident poor taste in humor.  A flippant line about hangings earned her the coveted racist mantel from the self-appointed judges of PC topics allowed to be uttered in the public domain.

Our Christmas lights are installed and shine brilliantly even if at an unseemly cost.  We first started this a few years ago when all of the “kids” would be home for Christmas.  Seem a reasonable investment to show our joy.  Now it’s just ego… the neighbors oooh and awwww… But if you want reality just ask Roscoe.  You can’t eat the lights and they don’t squeak, so what is the point…

In other news it looks certain that fancy nancy will bludgeon enough of her little democrat lemmings to take the gavel as Speaker.  Malign her if you must but she is the consummate power broker of our time.  Her file cabinet must be bursting with goodies on every person who could ever have a vote.  We should be savoring the uncomfortable twitching from those who vowed to vote against her when they are called to explain their turn about.  Joke… LOL… they’ll never be called to explain anything.  They’re democrats.


I didn’t give enough attention to the lettuce scare.  The Chief Cook on our family chose to ignore the warnings.  We ate lettuce and survived.  But clearly there were others not so fortune.  It would seem the e-coli bacteria have been corrupted by george soros and are now fervently campaigning in the democrat camp.  How we dodged the bullet is a mystery.


Now stop reading this tripe and go forth to improve your society.  

aa© Robert Graham 2012