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Still dreary

and my timing is poor.  I took delivery of a new iPhone yesterday as the headlines screamed the demise of Apple because of poor iPhone sales. Oh well I did my part.

The experience was actually a good one.  As the phone was being delivered to my door, Apple sent me a message offering a live seminar on how the new features work.  I opened the package, turned on the phone and it began to guide me on transferring information from the old to the new.  In just a few moments, the new phone attached to the WIFI by gathering the credentials from the old and everything was set up.  I had to provide a backup source for the apps and configuration but that was very easily effected.  Then at 7:00, Apple called me and one-on-one we went over the features and differences.  Very nice.  At the conclusion they sent me a message with links to all of the areas we had discussed. Very nice indeed.  I feared the new facial recognition would fail because after all Apple has known me since the early 80’s and they certainly cannot be happy with my current bloated appearance.  No critical comments were detected, although I am pretty sure I heard Siri giggling in the background. She has never liked me anyway.


So day one of the pelosi reign of terror… Things are going pretty much as expected.  See here how the always classy democrats are humbly dealing with power.  If you read the article you will note her obscenities were directed at her child… Nice…


If it’s March, I missed the Disney trip… That’s entirely possible.  No, Siri tells me it’s still January but only barely… Would that person lie to me…?

The New Year’s mystery puzzle remains unfinished:

IMG 1718

And that’s the way it is..

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