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Still here

We had a quick visit from niece Catherinemargaret and her daughter Alexa over the weekend.  Alway delightful.  We also had a visit from a potential adopter of one of our fosters.  

Otherwise, things muddle on.  I am trying very hard to muster the energy to begin de-clutter procedures in the house.  We are awash in stuff.  Every closet, every drawer, every nook and cranny.  It will certainly take more time and energy than we have left to disenfranchise the mess but try we will.

CS489536 - Stuff Happened
Stuff Happened

The conservative blogs that I read are chosen both for their logical approach to discussing the “facts” and their general lack of "chicken little" style of news interpretation.  Of late, those criteria have been not so evident.  The emphasis on the radical, such as court packing, statehood for DC, multi trillion infrastructure spending, p* and vp* incompetency is dramatic and eye catching.  But the reality seems a bit less explosively destructive.  Maybe I have just sleepily grown tired of the of the constant outrage I have up to now generated.


Apparently I need a nap

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