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Still in Va

wondering who ties the shoes of government officials.  I, of course, refer to GovVa who is trying to recover from democrat sin, racism. The mortal sin of infanticide isn't even mentioned as he strives for penance.  During his election campaign, he came across as amiable, somewhat misguided but not the blithering idiot he reveals today.  For some reason because he is all screwed up, he thinks Virginia needs healing and of course who better for that than a doctor…?  Heal thyself, I think the saying goes… It makes me want to:


Decision point on Pearl is rapidly approaching.  Good thing I don’t like dogs.  Otherwise my objectivity might be called into question.


So here’s my question: Why are democrats running on such issues as killing all private health insurance; total gun control; backing the hilarious disaster known as the Green Plan; murder of infants; socialism (whatever that is) and open borders…?  Do they not have polling data that shows the Great American Voter will reject that insanity…?  Or do they have data that shows other wise…?   A few of them are just radical in principle and are stupid or don’t care… but most are politicians who work this crap out in advance with schemes, lies and weasel words… Yet from here I hear the same discordant tune from all.  Do you hear what I hear…?  What do they know…?

The call for golf membership has gone out.  March 20th is the first outing… That’s just a little over a month from now… Yikes…

I notice that the Green Plan supports those who are unwilling to work.  Does that cover retirees…? and are naps included…?  Asking the hard questions… That’s what I do. Unless I am napping.

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