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Still running on empty

I guess I could critique the hearings but who cares… The agenda is pre-determined and so is the outcome.  The longer this all goes on the less interested anyone outside Washington is.  I supposed there are some folks glued to the TV and shocked and outraged by the pronouncements of rep schiff, the Super Chair.  On the other hand those people are in a constant state of shock and outrage.  My guess a large part of the audience could not find Ukraine on a map and would be hard pressed to name the three branches of the Government. If memory serves it’s  Larry, Curley and Moe, right…?

There is a glow in the southern sky.  Not sure what it is but to quote J. Cash “I ain't seen the sunshine since I don’t know when”

Rumors abound that the FBI is conducting a criminal investigation into the Epstein termination…  The good news is the Epstein memes will continue...

I was going to concern myself with when exactly God grants a soul to a human in the context of the abortion debate but the answer is obvious to those with souls and what’s the point …?

The long awaited IG report to be revealed on Dec 11th…? A day that will live in infamy…?  Or was that already used…?  Can’t wait for the dem contempt and derision… The entire corps of the Great American News Interpreters will fall all over themselves with shiny objects… Distract and Ignore.  Old news.

aa© Robert Graham 2012