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Still Tired

after 18 holes of cart path only yesterday.  Didn't play all that badly but it was a very cold windy start.  Warmed up by the time we finished but that was too late.  

Poor old joe.  His competitors for the dem nomination are smirking as his efforts to get out from under just make it all worse.  As usual Ramirez is on point:

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OK, let’s see the hands of everyone who is surprised the NYT and WP are claiming leaks from the Mueller staff that the AG misrepresented the report’s conclusions…? Right… Fairly predicable from the news interpreters who cannot control the narrative without innuendo and unverified sources…In a related  example, CNN asked Comey if he thought the FBI should have shut down those at Trump rallies who shouted out “LOCK HER UP”.  Yep… that’s how it works.

Taxes almost finished.  Not pretty.  Always best to owe at the end but painful.

In my reading this morning I encountered a site that claimed it could compute my IQ in 10 questions.  I started the test and after the 22nd question, I decided my IQ had already been determined as too low to figure out I was being scammed.


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