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Still working on it

When last we talked I was considering radical things such as perhaps, maybe, possibly taking steps towards doing some physical work. You'll be happy to know I napped my way past that insanity.  Saturday, during a spate of lovely climate, I enlisted my spouse of several years to help me clean up the disaster that resulted from the tipping over of the deck heater.  A four foot, or so, glass tube perhaps 3 inches in diameter shattered, spreading finger shredding shards under the fallen structure.  Together we raised the device and carefully picked up the glass.  That effort sounds rather trivial but took the better part of an hour.  No blood was shed and the effort was successful; but the exhaustion caused by the bending and picking wiped out the pair of us even though we are not yet quite old.  Sunday was sort of climate challenged and cool so we continued to rest. In the interim I read two books and started a third.

A number of world events escaped my comment so for the benefit of absolutely no one, here I go.

I am sad at the conclusion of the Cosby affair.  He was the funniest comedian who ever performed. His humor was clean and appealing to everyone.  I didn’t want to believe he was a monster.  I still don’t.  But I guess he is.

At the Correspondents’ Dinner, the liberals once again revealed their nature as filth and contempt replaced good natured parody.  And so it is that Trumpism becomes the alternative…

Then there is the whole Korean thing that no one knows what to do with.  The inescapable terror that the bellicose Trump Tweet may have played a role has liberals desperately seeking to change the subject to anything else.  The only hope is that the ever hateful John Bolton will tarnish the proceedings and we can get back to the fear of the bomb falling on Hawaii.


The House Intelligence Committee report clearing PDT of Collusion met with the expected derision from democrats whose very lives depend on hanging on to the delusion.  Big jimmy c.  complained the report was politically  biased.  Much in the same way, I supposed, as  the FBI was under his supervision.  Takes one to know one as the third graders say…

I go in for a sonogram of my not quite old ticker on Thursday.  Routine check says my doctor.  Always good to get visual evidence the thing is still pumping.  Probably should get a brain scan while I’m at it…


Happy picture of the day.

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