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Still working...

But there’s a lot going on.  Besides the cartoons about the Epstein “suicide” are too good.

And there were a lot more…

My lesson on Sunday went OK.  I think you can put that in context… A golf and video gamer player who once was an engineer of sorts, lectured a group of 80-90 year olds on God’s plan for humanity. Any questions?  I get to follow that this week with ‘Why God’s Love Prevails… 

Speaking of love, apparently Chris Cuomo of CNN, became violently and obscenely enraged when called “Fredo” by a PDT supporter.  The fragile ego of the news interpreter class.  Apparently without writers Cuomo tends to become somewhat less articulate than the average pit bull.

There was an intersection of the Graham family and the McKee family their beach house over the weekend.  We were represented by ourselves and a partial showing of the Fuqua branch.  We left the gathering after dinner only to experience what happens on the one road in and out of the Sandbridge area when there is an accident.  It took us over an hour to make the the 7 mile transit.

Scott won a photo award for one of his shots from his Utah trip:

Amazing stuff.

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