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Strange light

has appeared in the morning sky.  Begs the question: have we counted out 40 days of rain yet…? The Ark seems to be settling on the top of some hill.  Must be the 5th tee behind the house.

Because I get my my news from Fox, Instapundit and PowerLine I am aware of the Town Hall p*doj held with CNN.  During the flurry of softball questions he illustrated and demonstrated his complete lack of understanding of the Chinese, insulted african-american and hispanic intelligence, claimed, vacuously, that the wuhan vaccine did not exist when he came into office and muttered incoherently through out.  

IMG 4192

BTW if you were wondering how Australian news is discussing joey’s dementia, check out the video at this link

The saga of frozen Texas deserves a few cartoons:

IMG 4186

And of course you will be aware that Ted Cruz abandoned Texas when he should have been climbing wind towers and scraping ice.  This was indeed a scandal worthy of full time coverage… as opposed to… uh… say… the coumo murders and cover-up.


I know you and I have some difficulty navigating the transgender inclusive alphabet soup of queer folks.  Fortunately I found some clarification in this article.  I hope it helps:

And finally, diet being a recurring obsession what with diabetes, heart disease and the curse of the waistline, I offer my solution:

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