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Interesting word: 

{given to unintelligent decisions or acts acting in an unintelligent or careless manner

lacking intelligence or reason}

Certainly applies to a wide swath of society; myself included. Fortunately in my case, the damage is usually confined within.  A very bad quality to have in National Leaders however.  The damage is usually widespread.  Take those who interpret the news for the world for example.  Their reaction to the failure ( one might even say the stupidity) of the prosecution in the Rittenhouse trial has been classically stupid.  They condemned the Judge for celebrating the service of Veterans on Veterans Day.  In the face of overwhelming evidence that self-defense was required on that day when young Kyle dispatched his attackers, the same interpreters chose to laud the crimes of the rioters and criminals who sought to take his life.  P*,  who clearly personifies the very definition, declared the boy to be a “White Supremacist”.

The FBI has three - that’s three - prime time TV shows that attempt to rehabilitate the image of an organization that has become a quagmire of anti-people investigations.  The rancid corruption within was clearly illuminated during the xPDT persecution.  Then when presented with the Hunter Biden laptop and the evidence of obvious participation of his dad in the criminal dealings, nothing happened.  However, the FBI is out to get those domestic terrorists who testify at school bard meetings.  The current example of the slime within is the pursuit of P*’s daughters diary.  How the a theft or misplacement of the sterling ms biden’s diary became a federal investigation is yet to be explained.  The infamy continues by the FBI raiding the offices of Project Veritas and confiscating computers and phones.  When a Federal Court demanded that the FBI cease extracting information there was an immediate leak of material to the NYT.  Gestapo comes to mind.  Oh… wait…. there are a couple of men in dark suits at the door…………...

  © Robert Graham