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Suddenly the drear is back

Rain yesterday and more this morning. Probably reasonable after the last week of gorgeous climate.  Still I am wont to whine.  I guess my real sadness is Halley chose another family over us yesterday and will be leaving this week.  Yeah, I know it’s our job to adopt her out but, well…you know…whine, whine whine…

The more we hear of Mueller and the inquisition he supervises, the less probable it appears that any Justice will come of it.  If a respected judge with insight into the the process and evidence, calls out the SpecProc for exceeding his charter and then is told to pound sand, one begins to suspect we’re not in Kansas anymore.  


If you have been watching, you will note that those who earn my contempt or ire, lose the privilege of having their names capitalized.  Harsh I know, but I feel we must hold people accountable.  mr. mueller, you have lost me…

The DOJ and other government members of #resist, enforce their obfuscation by generous use of the redaction.  If you can’t stand the heat, then black out the words.  That is the modus for non-exposure of lies that would otherwise embarrass, or incriminate.  My opinion, and I say this with prejudice, contempt and without fear of slander: lllllllll lllll lllllllllllllllllllllllll and furthermore, llllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllll

What do you say big jimmy c., now that the unreacted transcript shows you did indeed testify that your agents did not think Flynn was lying…?  You are on record in several TV interviews stating you never said that… My goodness the evidence seems to show you lacked integrity but your "Higher Loyalty" is pretty clear.

California… Am I right…?


In other news, the democrats exercise their immunity from the US civil code as rosie o’donnell violates contribution limit laws and lurch kerry violates the Logan act.  

In closing and thoughtfully placed at the bottom of the trash heap: (late entry from Joe)


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