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Yes indeed.  It has been weeks since the last rain.  How quickly we forget the late winter non-stop rainy days.  I celebrate the sun and the vitamin D. Besides the grass growth slows down and some of the weeds take umbrage.

Our ’61 group met for dinner last night.  It’s been a while since we gathered. The conversation was good, the food OK, the service short handed and confused but all in all a fun mask free evening.  Some people actually touched and I saw a few surreptitious hand shakes and at least one hug. Gasp… Eat your heart out fauci.

IMG 4506

There are ample social and political issues to mock and bemoan.  The problem is simply I am lazy and tired.  And the whole mess isn’t funny.  I got a Tic-Toc video in the mail made by a brit who was saying Americans do everything better than anyone.  For example Stupid.  Americans do Stupid at world class levels.  And village idiots… In most places the village idiot hangs out in the town square to be mocked… In America he is President.

The PowerLine cartoons are great this morning.  Just a few:

And finally the gratuitous cat cartoon:


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